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Ethernet Ports Inactive?

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Ethernet Ports Inactive?



All of a sudden my xFI Gateway will not connect to my computer via ethernet. I logged into the router and under hardware/LAN Ethernet both ports are showing as "Inactive". Why would this have happened, and how can I make them active again? 


Also -- the lights on the back of the unit by the ports aren't lighting up at all anymore. I already tried a new ethernet cable and that did not work. Please assist -- thank you! 

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Re: Ethernet Ports Inactive?

Hello, I am sorry that your Ethernet ports are not enabled for some reason because your account tied to the email you're using shows that bridge mode is turned off so that means your Ethernet ports should be working fine.  I will need you to send me a personal message and your full name and account number so that i can have permission to activately try to solve the problem.  You can also do a full factory reset of the Gateway modem if you wanted to and then it will automatcially have the Ethernet ports active. 


You have a few different ways to do the factory reset and "Note" when the factory reset is completed you will have to set up your network name and passwords again and everything will be reset to brand new on the Gateway modem.


Take a paperclip and turn the modem over and you will see a button/hole that says reset. Please stick the paperclip in it and hold it for about 45 seconds.  Then you should have your Ethernet ports working.  Please send me a personal message by clicking on my name ComcastJosh if that doesn't work for you and I will help you get it working. 

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