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Ethernet Jack

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Ethernet Jack

We have lived in our new construction house for 2 years. My daughter is now a streamer for twitch and would like to use the ethernet instead of WIFI, since she says the wifi connection sometimes drops her. When we built the house we asked for an ethernet jack (RJ45) to be installed in our office which was done. Do I have to connect the XFI router to the ethernet jack and then hard wire her computer to the router. 

I just looked at our router and it has a coax cable going to the main cable line. Can I move the router to the office, but then there is no where to plug the coax cable into.


I am very confused and a bit frustrated.


Thank you

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Re: Ethernet Jack

A single ethernet jack doesn't do much for you.  Where is the other end?  I'm going to guess that a single connection like that was intended for something like a fiber optic installation, where the converter is usually placed someplace like the garage.  (ie ethernet wire runs from office to garage.)


Ethernet is really simple – at the simplest level you simply run a wire from each port of the router to each device.  (Add ethernet switches if you run out of ports on the router.)   In other words, plugging your router into that ethernet port in the office only works if your daughter wants to stream from wherever the other end is.  (And of course, the router would need a connection to Comcast – the coax line.)


In a typical whole-home installation, you put ethernet jacks in all rooms and they all come together someplace where you can put the router and/or switch(es).  Of course, the router needs to get internet so the ethernet cables typically come together at the same place where the Comcast coax line goes.  However, as an afterthought, you can just plug a wire into the router and run it wherever it needs to go.  It could just be laying on the floor until you get something better figured out. 

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Re: Ethernet Jack

It should be But your daughter’s room needs one too
modem——>;Ethernet out to Ethernet jack——>wherever office Ethernet line leads——->to daughter’s room
If your set up isn’t this try Netgear powerline adapters so you don’t have wired all over your house

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