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Devices getting "suspended" frequently and xfinity connection drops out CONSTANTLY

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Devices getting "suspended" frequently and xfinity connection drops out CONSTANTLY

I usually have 4 devices connected to my wifi; my phone, my computer, my nintendo switch, and my tablet. Two days ago, I started noticing that I could only connect one device at a time:

If I was actively using the internet on my computer and tried to check something on my phone, nothing would load on my phone, saying it couldn't connect to the server. This happens the other way around, too, with seemingly all four devices. All of these devices have previously connected simultaneously with no issue.


Today, as I tried to get my switch to connect to my wifi, the switch would cite an error message saying it is connected to the router but not the internet---and then it would load an xfinity page on my switch. The page said that this device was currently suspended, and I needed to unsuspend it in settings. Before I can do anything, the message would disappear after 5 seconds, it would briefly connect my switch to the internet for about 1 minute, then my connection would drop. Rinse and repeat.


I've tried restarting my router through the app, doing diagnostic tests on the modem, unplugging it and plugging it back in. The tests report back "fine," with the occasional message that my gateway might not be connected. Nothing is fixing the problem though, and even after I get connectivity back on one device, it will eventually go out again in a matter of 1 to 5 minutes. There are supposedly no outages in my area.


What's happening?