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Desperately need to improve speed and connectivity

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Desperately need to improve speed and connectivity

I just upgraded to the Gig speed internet, and I have 6 xpods spaced around the house.  The pods fail everyday, multiple times a day.  

I am a middle school teacher and I spend all day on Zoom conducting classes, and meeting with colleagues.  My wife is a school nurse working from home on Zoom all day, meeting with students, and colleagues.  My son is an 8th grader, distance learning on Zoom all day, in classes and meeting with teachers.  My youngest is in Preschool and YES on Zoom 90 minutes a day.  Oh and lets not forget grandma downstairs, watching Britbox on Amazon, while surfing on her IPAD.  Our house gets heavy usage, we went over the 1.2 to 2000 every month since school went distance in March.

I can't conduct classes if my Zoom calls keep freezing and my son and wife have the same problem.  The Preschool classes for the youngest wellll.... I don't care about, but I digress.  

What can I do to get the connectivy and speed I need for such heavy usage during the day.  This can't go on.