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Desperately need help with intermittent outages. Full details inside.

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Desperately need help with intermittent outages. Full details inside.

I am having intermittent connectivity issues at my home.  I am technically savvy and monitor my system 24 hours a day.  The internet connection will go out several times a day, for between 1 and 15 minutes at a time.  This has been doing on for 3+ months and I have been calling comcast about the issue for over about 2 months.


Lets start with the basics, when the connection goes down, my Latency goes from an average of ~20 to ~2000 and packet loss will escalate quickly to 100% for the duration of the outage.  All items in my home are hard wired.


At first I was using my own modem and router.  Comcast did not want to support those devices and would not provide trouble shooting for them (which I can understand) so I rented a comcast modem (one of the new white towers) and the problem was identical with the old equipment vs the new equipment.


Next thing was to call comcast and have them send someone out.  The tech arrived, checked my levels and said everything was fine.  He did not check inside the house due to covid (and I completely understand).  He said all the signal strengths were fine.


The problems continues and I continue to call comcast on several occasions.  They eventually tell me they want to send out another service technician, which they did 4 days ago.  That person claims they ran a more "thorough test" and of course everything was normal.  That person told me that the issue is like in one of the "nodes" around my area, and that those are not serviced by normal residential service persons, but rather by some sort of special team.  He promised to send the case to his supervisor and that would trigger the appropriate evaluation, diagnostic and resolution.  He said it should be fixed shortly.  Its been several business days and we still have thje same issue.  The system has gone down 5 times in the last 4 hours.


I have attempted to provide PingInfo data and PingPlotter data to all Comcast employees, including the Residential Service Tech and the customer care representatives on the phone.  None have wanted it or expressed interest.


I called today after work and the customer service rep I talked to, who clearly was using some sort of flow chart said "the next step is to send a technician to your home", at which point I wanted to bash my head against the table.  Really.  I insisted several times to "talk to a customer service MANAGER" and after several attempts to thwart me, he finally conceded to let me talk to one.


I am now on the line with said manager, who I know is not really going to be able to solve the issue, assuming the issue is somewhere outside my property, but this ordeal is exhausting.  Apparently most normal technicians don't even know about the non-residential technicians that work for comcast.


The frustration is that every time I call customer service, I'm on the phone between 20-80 minutes.  I have to re-explain everything to them.  They have the notes in their system, but they don't always want to access the system it seems.


I just need this fixed.  Its not a life or death issue.  I get that.  The service is up most of the time, but with folks working from home, it tends to go out at random and inopportune times.  Incidentally, the times it goes out are all over the place.  Its not just when its hot for instance.  Its not just when internet traffic is generally high.


Today the “Customer Service Supervisor” that I talked to said he needed to create an AR1 ticket and no one had done that (so he did).  That is where I am now.  Any help would be appreciated.  The ticket number was #051351345.

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Re: Desperately need help with intermittent outages. Full details inside.

Update:  I was promised on 7/24/202 that someone from the Advanced Repair Team would call me by 8 pm.  Of course, I never got a call.  It is now 4:15 pm on 4/25/2020 and I am again on the phone trying to get an update on the AR ticket.  My service has gone down 5 times in the last 2 hours.


 The CSR is telling me the ticket created last night is now "invalid" and she is trying to create a new one and trying to transfer me to the AR team.  It is not clear why the ticket created last night is already "invalid".  She could not give me any more about what "invalid" meant, just that she needed to create a new ticket.


I have been on the phone with the CSR for 30+ minutes so far and she still has not been able to transfer me to the AR Dept nor create a new AR ticket.  She is now telling me she wants to send a technician to the house (which has already been done twice before for this issue).  I politely decline this option.  She places me on hold for 5 minutes and comes back and tells me, “I am going to send a technician out to your house”.  Seriously?  You just said that 5 minutes ago and I declined.  I again reiterate that Comcast has already sent out (2) technicians to my house.  Phone call is now at 40 minutes.  Still no AR ticket or ability to speak to the AR dept.


I am being transferred to a customer service manager.  He is telling me the ticket is in fact still valid and has been escalated to the Care to Field Escalation Team.  He is telling me that there is no way to get in touch with the Care to Field Team.  The Care to Field team needs to send out a technician to test the nodes and other connections, but the Care to Field team does not routinely touch base with the customer upon completion of their analysis (which of course means I will have no idea if or when the team supposedly looks at or fixes the issue).  Really this is almost comical, except for the fact that this call alone is now at over 60 min.


I am on hold again, while the customer service manager sends an “alert” to the Care to Field Escalation Team.  We are now at 70+ minutes on the phone.  I am being told that the solution is to have a technician from the Care to Field Team come out on Monday between 1-3 pm.  This is a different type of technician than the previous two that have come out.  Call ended at 72 minutes.