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Del Rey Oaks, CA, 93940 - terrible service

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Del Rey Oaks, CA, 93940 - terrible service


COMPLAINT: your service in DEL REY OAKS does not work.

I have called, upped my plan, talked, did diagnostics, but nothing helps. The network goes out 10 to 15 times on a bad day, 5-6 times on a good day.  I did everythig. Cutomer Support said that the problems will continue and that more speed does not mean better connection. 

Your service worked fine from 25 March to 10 April just fine -- WHAT CHANGED?

You had work done on 16 April and 23 April in this area - nothing was fixed. 

How is it possible to have the network working 2-3 weeks -- no problems.....after the stay-at-home order was in effect for a week...and then have it dump?