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Data-cap was suspended Mar-Jun, but still charged on of my "courtesy" months?

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Data-cap was suspended Mar-Jun, but still charged on of my "courtesy" months?

I typically run around 80% of 1TB data-use, being a home-based online worker during the day, a consumer of typical amounts of streaming/downloading/etc by the family at night, plus having some security cameras sending to the cloud.  Occasionally I'll get an email warning that I'm approaching 1TB, so like to keep an eye on data-use because I can't afford the next tier (already $80/month).   When my wife started working from home, plus two active college students doing lectures online during the shutdowns in March, I knew that the 1TB data-cap would get blown away.


I went to look at usage in late March and saw that the data-cap was suspended (Thanks, Comcast.  That's a solid!), and the DATA METER was turned off (could not even see how much we were using).   I breathed some relief.


Now it's July and the data-cap is back in place (with a 20% increase to 1.2TB, also nice) but I'm being charged my "courtesy month" overage waiver for being a bit over 1TB (1.02TB) in April!  That's a period when the data-cap was supposed to be suspended, and I could not even monitor our use with the meter disabled. 


Here is what it says just above the DATA METER right now...


Expanding Access to Data: We recently updated our data usage meters. As part of Xfinity’s response to COVID-19, you won’t be charged for any data usage that occurred from March 13 through June 30. To bring you more value and support you going forward, we’re increasing the amount of data included in our internet data plans by 20%, to 1.2 TB. These changes were effective July 1.


Just below the DATA METER (showing April through July) is says the following...


You have 1 courtesy month to exceed a 1229GB of usage without charge. 

After using 1 courtesy month, if you exceed the plan you will be charged $10 for each 50GB of additional data provided, but charges will not exceed $100 each month, no matter how much you use.


Does this sound right?  Am I about to retract my applause for the data moratorium which apparently was not real?  May I please get this courtesty month back?  Sure, there is 20% more now, but we're still 4 people working and studying from home once school starts again, and will probably need that little bit of cusion, for which I was still "charged" for data use (one of two "courtesy" overages) during the special deal.

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Re: Data-cap was suspended Mar-Jun, but still charged on of my "courtesy" months?

You only get one courtesy month now.  It sounds like you still have yours.


They gave us .2TB more, cheaper unlimited, and they reduced the maximum overage charge, but they reduced courtesy months from 2 to 1.