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Data Usage Plan Help

This Data plan has got me pretty frustrated.  The 1 TB Data plan first showed up on account in April 2019.  Every month through June, we were under the alloted amount.  In August our family exceeded it, and it was the first time I really even knew what it was.   I figured because it was the only month where we weren't travelling alot and the kids were home for summer.  I tried to call and figure out WHAT was using the data, but because we own our own modem, I could never get a clear idea of exactly what was using this data.   I got a general explanation of things like Netflix, and gaming, use that data.  So I changed some of our setting on Netflix, and made sure the kids knew to not leave things on, and in September (back to school!) our usage was WAY down.  Now here we are in October and on the 19th I received a message we were already at 90%, and by Saturday the 21st we were at 100%.  So here I am now trying to figure out where all of this data going to?  Let me give you a rundown of the things we have in our house that possible use data.


Home PC


2 Chromebooks

5 iphones (though we have a 50GB data plan with AT&T that we do not go over)

5 tv's - but only 1 w/ DVR, 2 with a basic box

Netflix account (though only limited to 2 tv's watching at the same time)

2 Xbox's

Xfinity Home Security system (no cameras - just sensors)


I work from home, but during the hours between 7am-3:30 I am on my PC maybe 3 hours/day

3 kids are home in the afternoons, but between sports/homework, I'd say they are gaming/watching Netflix a combined 6 hours/night

I listen to Podcasts during all hours, but I don't think those take data


Can you help please? 


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Re: Data Usage Plan Help

I can tell you it's likely the xbox ones, especially if you have a lot of games installed.  The auto updating feature can do serious damage if a single xbox has a lot of games installed.  With two, wow that could be a lot.  Withe just a few games installed, the xbox doesn't use a lot of data at all except when buying a new game or two which get get to 100GB of usage in installation pretty easily.  If you have gamers in the house, PC Steam updates can do just as bad damage.  During the holidays when I would buy and install the new games, I used to switch on unlimited plan as it was much cheaper than paying per 10GB.  


You can check the xbox's like this.  Hit xbox button, RB over to settings > Network Settings > then select Bandwidth usage.  So I Just checked mine and just my single xbox one x used 522 GB this month (mind you I have like a hundred games installed in huge external HDD).  Last month the xbox one x bandwidth usage shows that this single xbox one x used 1.21 TB as I installed many games with GamePass.  I think the new xCloud game streaming service will do wonders to save bandwidth usage as it streams the games vs install them locally like any other game or gamepass game. 


As I also do some PC gaming, wow last month Comcast says we used 2.2 TB of data.  So if you have some heavy gamers as in having many games installed which require updates on xbox or PC, or installing new games, yes that will use some serious bandwidth.  Playing a few games regularly and updating them is not bad at all.  I got tired of worrying about it as we have four differing people streaming and my heavy game installs with xbox gamepass which lets you play many games for one low price, I just decided to make an ongoing investment in unlimited.  It's not too bad althought I do with it was at least 30% lower than what they charge.  I'm happy to not be worrying about the issue any longer.


Check the bandwidth usage meter on both xbox's and let us know if it was the culprit.