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Data Cap and Two Accounts

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Data Cap and Two Accounts

For over a month now, I have had two addresses with active internet through Comcast, one at my previous address, and one at my new address.  However, I can only see the data usage towards our data cap for our current address. The old address still has the message "We were unable to retrieve your usage data. Please try again later." I did notice that the data usage from our previous months at our old address have been moved to our new address.


I called customer support, but they couldn't give me a good answer about why I was unable to see the data usage at my old address. They mentioned I might not be able to see if the account was recently opened, but then noticed that it had been a month since both accounts have been active and didn't more about my question before asking if I wanted to increase my data cap fro the month.


I assume Comcast has not left the old address without a data cap, and so I would like to know if anyone has some clarification about the data cap between two accounts. More specifically, I would like to know if two (or more) accounts under the same name share the same 1.2 TB data cap between all of the accounts.