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Daily Disconnects and Large Amount of Uncorrectable Keywords.

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Daily Disconnects and Large Amount of Uncorrectable Keywords.

I have been dealing with issues on my internet  for a few months now.    I continually see random 5 to 10 minute disconnects on my internet.  When looking at the XB7 Gateway connection levels, I see that on average the number of uncorrected keywords is insanely high.


I have had multiple calls/chats in with tech support, which all tried to fix remotely by resetting signals, pushing new firmwares, support codes, etc.   These issues have lasted through an xfinity XB6 GW, netgear cm1000 modem,  xfinity XB7 gateway, new line from node to gorunding block and new line from grounding block to modem.  I even moved my modem to my garage to see if it  might be my wiring, and the disconnects and UC keywords persisted.


A technican was just out today and replaced the node run, which is like 6 feet. Check signaled and there was still lots of noise.  I'm at my wits end and have been talking myself out of switching to ATT just to have something consistent,  and they are only offerin 100mb down.


I would appreciate any insight or ticket raising to a higher level tech support to help me troubleshoot this.  Either the node is bad, a booster is bad or something, but I can't see this being my issue now with all that has been replaced.


Thank you


Attached is my most recent snapshot of signals