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DHCP reservations

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DHCP reservations

I understand we cannot have static IP addresses with xfinity residential accounts.  Is this correct?  If we can't do this can we at least specify a range of IPs to exclude from the DHCP pool?  How would I go about doing this?


Re: DHCP reservations

Correct. Only Business Class subscribers can get a statically assigned WAN / public IP addy. 


And no. That can't be specified.

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Re: DHCP reservations

Are you talking about a static external IP address?  If so, skip this 🙂


If you are referring to internal IP addresses handed out by the xfinity router (DHCP), then it is impossible to simply mark an IP as reserved.


The only work around I have found is to setup port forwarding with an unused port to that device/IP.  Then xfininty saves the reservation.