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Could Comcast Send out a Notification if they Throttle a Specific Customer?

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Could Comcast Send out a Notification if they Throttle a Specific Customer?

As someone who does streaming all day to YouTube for severe weather warning and watch awareness purposes, and depneding on the day I'll sometimes be doing a bunch of port scanning and/or downloading weather models from the NCEP (and they are about 500 GB per model run, and typically download around 1 Mb/s) I never know when I'm throttled or have an ingress inverter placed on my line due to any of this high use of bandwidth. 


Once in the past we did find out we had an ingress inverter, supposedly 'that orange thing' on your telephone pole wire which I still couldn't see but I clearly saw the technician who came out here with his bucket truck to take if off when I repeatedly complained.


My suggestion and question is whether Comcast could/should inform customers of changes to their own service which act to impede the customer's own speed. I'm still thankful Comcast hasn't implemented bandwidth caps though, at least as of yet. So don't want to sound like a whiner but it's just something I'd like to be able to know without calling customer support. Nevermind the fact that a lot of the level 1 or 2 techs I've spoken with don't even know what I'm talking about lol...


So it's hard to know really when is my Arris access point on it's way out and I should order a new one via the phone customer service....or when am I throttled/ingress inverted. Also, I'll make another thread on this sometime but the Arris APs that Comcast have people spending $10/month to rent basically ALL have serious security vulns. They're doucmented, well known, and have never been patched and probably never will be. Perhaps Comcast could start going with another vendor.


On the reason I think I'm throttled is that although I get about 28mbps as an end result it slowly creeps up to that over the test. Also, my up speed is like 1mbps or so and there's always this big delay between the start of the upload test and the actual transmission or appearance of any throughput visually. Anyone know what I'm talking about?


So this is a general thread about these issues anyway - with those couple of specific questions I asked. Thanks for your time. 

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Re: Could Comcast Send out a Notification if they Throttle a Specific Customer?

There’s no throttling. If there’s a filter in your line, it’s normally noted on your account and they try to make contact to fix it. If you keep getting filters placed, then obviously it never gets fixed properly. Post your signal levels for more assistance

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