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Continuing Intermittent Connectivity Issues

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Continuing Intermittent Connectivity Issues

We have been dealing with Comcast's intermittent service for several months.  Level 1 India techs couldn't help.  We finally got a new modem......and the connectivity issues persist.  We finally get a Tech to com out and inspect our system.   He replaces all the connectors and shows a strong signal to the modem.  However, the intermittent service persist.   It is either on or off.  Modem diagnostiscs say everything is fine.  If I call level 1 tech I know what they are going to say.  I'm not sure what my next move is.

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Re: Continuing Intermittent Connectivity Issues

exact same problem --- been happening for months.  Replaced the modem, upped the bandwidth.  I have had two visits.  First one installed the modem and said problem fixed.  I then had an advanced internet support remote person measure the upstream and downstream channel voltages remotely and say the problem was on their side.  A ticket was open,  to repair lines outside my house.  For whatever reason it was closed with no action.  Second visit, a Comcast contractor showed up with his meter and quickly showed frequency issues.  He was going to get a work order in for a bucket truck to replace the distribution box on the pole.  I called in 24 hours later -- no notes, no record of a work order.   Third visit, starting over is scheduled for wednesday.


If you have a Comcast modem/WIFI, and you can show the problem is happening on multiple devices in the house no matter where they are located, then just keep calling and opening up support tickets and getting technicians to the house.  From what I can see, repeated visits by the technical are the only thing in the Comcast system that will eventually get you someone who can help otherwise you will just get lost.


I have had zero luck trying to be logical with their system.  When the second tech showed me the signal strengths with all the issues on it, I took a picture of it.  When I called back to find the bucket truck, they didn't even know how to find the tech who was at my house, or his supervisor.  They couldn't accept the picture of the signal strength meters. Bizare.Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 9.47.50 AM.png