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Constant internet drops along with everybody else

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Constant internet drops along with everybody else

We changed our bundle and dropped cable entirely. We now have high-speed internet and a landline and ever since the switch, we have had nothing but problems with constant glitches and drops. Outages that sometimes last a couple minutes then come back up for a couple minutes then go back off again. Over and over and over. My husband teaches computer science, hardware and networking Etc at our local College so yes he's done everything under the sun and even he is dumbfounded. We have ordered a new router but often we have a wireless signal connecting just fine but no internet. So I don't think hooking up a new router is going to do any good. If there was any other option in my area, I would have dumped Comcast a long time ago because the customer service is horrible. I tried to talk to them about some sort of price break on our bundle package instead of having to eliminate all cable because I have been displaced from my job with no income since last April. Thankfully my husband's income is stable but it has still been a huge hit to our finances. Comcast customer service basically said Sorry Charlie we have no bundle discounts anymore and we can't give you any discount. Yet they spend on their site talking about all they've done to help people through the pandemic. This has not been my experience.

Re: Constant internet drops along with everybody else

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