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Constant Ping Spikes

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Constant Ping Spikes

I've recently been having huge ping spikes every few seconds regardless of time of day. I tried troubleshooting to see if it was simply one of my devices using all the bandwidth but found that when connecting one computer directly into the modem with no network activity going on, the ping still jumps every few seconds. This is especially obvious when using a video/voice call when working from home where I start sounding robotic and my voice gets cut off and/or gaming.


Attempts to call support has landed me with advice that questioned what I meant by the word "ping". They have attempted to restart my modem a few times but it has not proven to be successful. Below are a few links to my upstream/downstream power levels, SNR, event logs, and an example of my ping from a website. I can also link a tracert as needed.

Upstream/Downstream/ SNR:



Ping Test:


What is the best way to resolve this? Is this a problem on my end? Coincidentally, a nearby household across the street had their cable box ran over during an accident and the ping issues have been eeven worse recently. Unsure if this related in any way.