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Constant Packet Loss/Interrupts/General Slowness

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Constant Packet Loss/Interrupts/General Slowness

Hi, as you can see from the subject line I'm experiencing many issues with getting dropped and general slowness with my internet. Using WinMTR it seems like there's just a lot of packet loss that often starts at the modem or the 2nd hop. I see this both connected via wireless as well as the machine connected via ethernet. It's gotten very bad since a 3 hour total outage a couple weeks ago. I have included some screen captures of my modem's Downstream/Upstream/CM Error Codewords from the modems admin interface.


I'm hoping maybe one of the wonderful people that know some of these values right off the top of their heads can take a quick look and see if anything is completely out of whack. For instance some things that stick out to me, which may or may not mean anything, is that downstream channel 2 is only Na values. There seem to be a pretty significant amount of errors both correctable and non-correctable on channel 5.




First part:


Scrolled over to see the other channels:

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Re: Constant Packet Loss/Interrupts/General Slowness

Do you happen to be in the south Katy area? Because that sounds very similar to my issue. There's a problem at the plant, but no one can figure it out. I work from home, and have experienced this for the last 2 weeks. Yet when I go on their support site and do a status check it claims everything checks out. Well, that's false information because I'm only getting 2Mbps down when it does work. So, I called the customer service and insisted on a refund of 1 month of internet service since I'm not getting what I paid for. He tried to schedule a tech. to come to my home. I had to tell him 3 times "this is a problem in your plant. Why do you need to come to my home?" he kept giving me the run around until I showed my frustration in my voice. He then said he would dispatch a service tech to the plant, and refund a month of internet service to me. I want to encourage everyone to do this because it will hopefully motivate them to get this resolved. They've know that this is a plant issue for 1.5 weeks and can't seem to get the right person on the job to fix it. 

Best of luck to you!


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Re: Constant Packet Loss/Interrupts/General Slowness

After reading some of the other posts while waiting for replies, it seemed like the 3 hour outage seemed to correlate with around the time of the big speed upgrade apparently that happened in the West region a couple weeks ago. Even saw on my account that my speeds listed on my plan had gone from 100Mbps to 275Mbps. Even though I had restarted many times since then I figured that perhaps my modem just wasn't up to snuff with the new changes and I had a "free" modem upgrade, so I submitted a request and received my new modem today.


Old modem: 


New modem:

AR TG1682G


So far after a couple hours it seems my issues have been resolved hopefully. Definitely have a major increase in download speeds. Channel 2 is no longer just NaN values. I'll see how the stability is over the next few days, but so far an auspicious start!