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Connectivity issues after Gig upgrade

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Connectivity issues after Gig upgrade

As the Pandemic was ramping up. Xfinity pushed me on upgraded from my current service to Gig speed. With it i was given a new modem. I believe it's the Arris white modem away from the old Moterolla one. Shortly after upgrading i started to have a ton of connectivity issues. To the point where i couldn't work. I had 4-5 techs come out and replace every line all the way out to the telephone pole. Finally the replaced the modem and that did the trick. About a couple of months later the issue came back but it was not nearly as bad. Still annoying. every hour or so i lose connectivity. Again i've had techs come out serveral times. To the point i was given the direct number to the local supervisor. He basically gave up. Before i cancel and switch to fios i decided to have Comcast send me another modem. Looks like they sent me the Xfi modem which doens't push gig speed. Jury is still out but wanted to see if others have had the same issue when upgrading to gig. 

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Re: Connectivity issues after Gig upgrade

Hi @MysticRugby6, welcome to Xfinity Forums! I am sorry to hear about your ongoing internet connection problems. It really sounds like we dropped the ball, for that I sincerely apologize. I would happy to investigate further. You have reached the right team of experts. Can you send me private message with your full name and service address?


To send me a private message please click my username "ComcastAnna" and select "Send Message" from the drop down. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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