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Connecting my Wii with Xfinity gives me error codes sometimes

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Connecting my Wii with Xfinity gives me error codes sometimes

I have the this issue connecting with the internet on my Wii. The security is correct and all, with WPA2 AES and RiiConnect24 patched onto the Wii, but whenever I sometimes connect it gives me a few error codes:


The News Channel gives me a few error codes like 51330 sometimes, while it will still connect whenever it does pick up finally within the internet router.


The Forecast Channel works most of the time, but gives me an error code (I forgot the code) in rare occasions.


Check Mii Out Channel is the channel that throws up an error code 33010 and 33020 all the time on the Mii Artisian inital setup.


This isn't just the RiiConnect24 services. In the Wii Shop Channel, there are a few error codes like 051330 for instance, where it wouldn't connect to the server. And on USB Loader GX I couldn't download game covers most of the time. Even games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii with Wiimmfi patched in disconnect by itself.


Don't even bother looking up some error codes on Nintendo's official website: The reason why is because the error codes with the Check Mii Out Channel, News Channel, and Forecast Channel are specific to RiiConnect24 themselves, except the Wii Shop Channel ones.


My research shows though that it isn't RiiConnect24 that's causing the issue, but that the router has a hard time connecting to my Wii. This might be an issue of all the Wii's connecting through Xfinity. You might wanna fix that, because I would need to use AT&T's Personal Hotspot on my iPhone for a stable connection on the Wii.


Which, is very hard to say considering that I expected the Wii to connect better on Xfinity than my phone's personal hotspot. But somehow it's the other way around.