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Cisco VPN dropping connections

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Cisco VPN dropping connections

I have to use a s Cisco VPN for my job, sadly I cannot rely on a constant connection as the VPN drops connections randomly.  On multiple computers I might add, using wired and wireless connections.  I've replaced the Gateway (twice) and the switch I use to distribute the wired connections.  I've asked my employer about it and they had me make sure I was using the latest version of the VPN app - which I am.


In the past several days, this is what I've seen in the VPN logs, I've redacted the actual domain:

7:18:21 AM Contacting
7:18:27 AM User credentials entered.
7:18:27 AM Please respond to banner.
7:18:29 AM User accepted banner.
7:18:29 AM Establishing VPN session...
7:18:29 AM The AnyConnect Downloader is performing update checks...
7:18:29 AM Checking for profile updates...
7:18:29 AM Checking for product updates...
7:18:29 AM Checking for customization updates...
7:18:29 AM Performing any required updates...
7:18:29 AM The AnyConnect Downloader updates have been completed.
7:18:29 AM Establishing VPN - Examining system...
7:18:29 AM Establishing VPN - Activating VPN adapter...
7:18:30 AM Establishing VPN session...
7:18:30 AM Establishing VPN - Configuring system...
7:18:30 AM Establishing VPN...
7:18:30 AM Connected to
7:28:32 PM Reconnecting to
7:28:33 PM Connected to
9:15:20 PM Reconnecting to
9:15:21 PM Connected to
8:26:28 AM Reconnecting to
8:26:28 AM Connected to
12:36:21 PM Reconnecting to
12:36:21 PM Connected to
12:45:05 PM Reconnecting to
12:45:06 PM Connected to
6:11:46 PM Reconnecting to
6:11:46 PM Connected to
6:49:37 PM Reconnecting to
6:49:37 PM Connected to
10:51:16 PM Reconnecting to
10:51:16 PM Connected to
7:40:48 AM Reconnecting to
7:40:49 AM Connected to
8:31:34 AM Reconnecting to
8:31:35 AM Connected to
1:36:03 PM Reconnecting to
1:36:03 PM Connected to
5:11:25 PM Reconnecting to
5:11:25 PM Connected to
8:13:20 PM Reconnecting to
8:13:20 PM Connected to
8:56:37 PM Reconnecting to
8:56:38 PM Connected to
9:10:52 PM Reconnecting to
9:10:52 PM Connected to
9:57:40 PM Reconnecting to
9:57:40 PM Connected to
11:35:42 PM Reconnecting to
11:35:42 PM Connected to
7:37:35 AM Reconnecting to
7:37:35 AM Connected to