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Can’t connect: Netgear Nighthawk c7800 (access denied)

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Can’t connect: Netgear Nighthawk c7800 (access denied)


I just signed up and tech guy came to install the line. He said everything was working fine and he had a good signal on the cable inside the house. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to confirm that it was connected to the internet.  It’s not connected.


I’ve rebooting multiple times. Both within the netgear admin controls and using xfinity tools. Xfiniy doesn’t show the modem is connected.


Within the cable connection menu within the modem, it shows access denied on the “connectivity state”, failure/disabled on the “security” field and “Honor MDD/IPv6 only” in the IP provisioning mode field.


Starting frequency is 669000000

All 32 downstream bonded channels are locked. Only 4 of the 8 upstream bonded channels are locked.


Has anyone come across this? Anything I can fix from my modem or does it require another visit from xfinity tech?


Thank you