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Bridge Mode & Webserver/VPN

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Bridge Mode & Webserver/VPN

I have Unifi Gateway, and I would like to use that at my router. So, I have put my Xfinity provided modem/Xfi device in Bridge mode


I am also running my test webserver (port 80 and 443) internally, and my USG takes care of port-forwarding. I am not able to reach my webserver or login to my L2TP VPN from outside.


could someone help me with troubleshooting the issue?


Re: Bridge Mode & Webserver/VPN

To reach from the outside internet, the device that your using to try to reach your test webserver, cant be behind the same router as your test webserver, if it is your have to use the internal IP. Try using your cell phone, where your cell phone isnt connected to your home wifi and it should work if it all configured correctly.