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Billions of Uncorrectable Errors on Modem OFDM Channel

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Billions of Uncorrectable Errors on Modem OFDM Channel

I have been having internet connection issues since upgrading to the Xfinity gigabit internet package a couple of months ago.  The issue has progressively gotten worse.  Internet speeds are not stable and I get disconnected from the internet multiple times per week.  I have tried replacing the modem.  I have replaced all of the cabling and connectors inside my home.  The Xfinity technician has replaced the wiring on the pole.  The cable from the pole to my house is scheduled to be replaced, but I did run a temporary cable to see if it would resolve my issues.  My modem signals are still marginal and I am getting billions of uncorrectable errors on the Downstream OFDM channel.  My modem logs are filled with error messages.  After two Xfinity technician visits and troubleshooting with @ComcastCares on Twitter, I have gotten nowhere and I thought that I would post here to see if anyone could help or offer suggestions. 

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Re: Billions of Uncorrectable Errors on Modem OFDM Channel

Good luck!  I'm seeing the same thing in the logs....  4 techs later, 2 drops, and 3 cable modems.  I have them coming out again tomorrow.    The problem I have is everything "looks good" but its not.   I pay for gig service and this AM I was at 70mpbs hard wired direct to the XB7.   Oh, and I had to get the XB7 just to prove my point even though before owning the CM2000 I had the XB7 which had the same issue.   Its super frustrating!  Again, good luck.