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Best MoCA for XFinity Gigabit Service

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Best MoCA for XFinity Gigabit Service

I have a 2 story home and 1gig service with Xfinity. I get the 1gig Interent speed connecting to the router with a CAT6 ethernet cable and range 350mbps to 585mbps with my Wifi connection upstairs. Speed tests are based on Win 10 Network & Internet WIFI status speed displayed. I would like an ethernet connection upstairs in my office. The easiest way to do this, given my 1st floor has a vaulted ceiling to the second floor, is with 2 MoCA adapters. 1 downstairs feeding the ethernet cable signal back through the CATV cable and the other in my office upstairs connecting to my CATV cable. So with that all said - 2 questions: 1: What is the most Xfinity compatible MoCA: 2.Will  I get my 1 gig connection upstairs when I am done or is there something else of which I need to be aware?

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Re: Best MoCA for XFinity Gigabit Service

MoCA 2.0 adapters can do gig speed.

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