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Bad Gateway / 502 Error - ClinVar

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Bad Gateway / 502 Error - ClinVar


I'm having trouble connecting to Clinvar pages only on my local WiFi.  Here's an example link:

I've already contacted NBCI user services. This was their response: 

There was a server issue earlier, but that was resolved. The continued issue could be from from bad cached file left in your browser from the previous event.
The record loads fine in our test. Please clear the cache/cookie/history from your browser and try again.

Clinvar links work and load fine on all of my devices on other networks (mobile + other WiFi networks), but not on my local wifi network. After restarting the router, I can load Clinvar pages for about 10-15 seconds, but any attempt past that short period results in another 502 error. I've had no success through clearing my browser cache, changing to Google or OpenDNS servers, using different browsers, or doing a hard reset on the router. Any and all devices connected to our router cannot access Clinvar basically, but the same devices can access Clinvar on any other network. 

There oddly isn't a problem with a hardwired ethernet connection to the router. I really can't figure this out. 

What's going on here?