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30-40% Packet Loss (

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30-40% Packet Loss (

When attempting to play VALORANT (a relatively new video game) I am consistently presented with a "Connection Error" that force closes the game after just 5 or so minutes. While I don't seem to have any similar issues with other similar games (CS:GO, etc.) I contacted VALORANT/Riot support and they were able to find that I am getting between 30-40% packet loss on I am hardwired into ethernet, but WiFi is showing the same packet loss. My speed tests, when running through range between 200 and 50.


After 1 hour on the phone with Comcast support, they agreed to send me a new modem, but my assumption is that it's not the modem and figured it made sense to open a thread to see if I can collect additional things that may need to be reviewed/tested. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated.  @ComcastTambrey 

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