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100% Packet loss every 2 minutes

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100% Packet loss every 2 minutes



Over the past couple years we have had severe packet loss spikes during many/most parts of the days that often spike to 100 PL for ten seconds or so a couple times every 2 minutes. Recently, we've replaced our modem/gateway with the xb7 one from Comcast. The issue persists. I've tried on all of our household devices laptops/PC/smart TV on both Ethernet and Wifi. 


Connection plan:
Gigabit 1000 - The speed works great but the packet loss means connection is lost all the time!


Packet loss tested with Ping Plotter Pro


let me know if this link doesnt work!


Lights on Router are normal. We have had a tech out previously not recently. We tried replacing the router as an early fix. No luck. Thanks for your help really looking forward to being able to use our internet without constant packet loss!