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1/6 my plan internet speed for last 10 days

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1/6 my plan internet speed for last 10 days

I finally decided to test my internet connection download speed due to extremely poor device performance. I'm getting less than 1/6 my plan speed of 600 Mpbs. IOW, 93 Mbps. My X1 Modem is connected hard wire to my desktop. I have two cell phones and a TV using wifi sporadically.


Even with three of the four devices connected I was getting around 400 Mbps. I know this since I've had no problems till the last part of this July 2020 through today. Comcast technical support gave me a ticket number but said it could be days if not weeks in my area to get it resolved? Really? I live in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, UT and have never seen this poor of a download speed. 


Google Fiber is currently being laid down on my block. If this continues I'll dump Comcast and subscribe with them.


Ticked in Salt Lake City.