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Port Forwarding effectively useless?

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Port Forwarding effectively useless?

OK, so, issue 1:  The XFi won't let me setup a port forward to a device outside of the DHCP scope?  Why does that restriction even exist?


This is arbitrarily ridiculous, and that limitation needs to be removed.


Further, it appears that I can only specify the port to forward, but not a (different) destination port to forward to?  So, if I want to forward 8888 to 3389, I can't do that - I can only forward 8888 to 8888?


Another ridiculously arbitrary restriction.


Please explain why this functionality has been neutered?  I'm starting to strongly regret utilizing the XFi service, and if this functionality can't be provided, then I'm, at a minimum, sending this junk hardware back, and if I've got reconfigure my network again, then I'm gong to strongly consider leaving Comcast/Xfinity.