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Need to change wifi channels

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Need to change wifi channels

My router is automatically selecting the channels and is greyed out so I cannot manually change them.

Unfortunately I live in an apartment complex and are required to set my channel to what the complex chooses otherwise I get a $25 bill every week I don't change it.

How can I make it so I can go around this auto configuration? Before you ask, I do not have pods and I've tried both the xFi app and by logging into the router.

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Re: Need to change wifi channels

Xfinity seized control of their routers and took this ability away from us and the workers at the tech support hotline.

I live in an old house and need to control the channels and bandwidth to optimize coverage in my home. I’ve now lost more than 25% of my WiFi coverage in my home and the router is broadcasting one channel on a high use frequency in my area.

Re: Need to change wifi channels

Yeah, good luck.  They've been messing around with this for about two years now, and it comes an goes.  They THINK they know what they are doing, but they DON'T know AT ALL what they are doing.  My gateway is using the EXACT same channels as the gateway for my neighbor upstairs who's router is LITERALLY less than 15 feet away...cuz you know, auto selection.  Idiots.  They can't even do a decent scan to see what's nearby and select a "better" channel, not that it would help in my situation as I live in a very dense area on the side of a hill and need to select channels manually as the AWESOME intelligent (sic) system for channel selection they created is absolutly junk at doing anything actually intelligent.


This USED to be linked, though they won't admit it, to a flag in the comcast system thinking you have Pods.  With Pods they obviously have a need to control network settings for the mesh to work.  I don't have pods, have NEVER had pods, and NEVER WILL have pods.  But getting ANYONE at Comcast who 1) knows what I'm talking about, 2) knows anything about networking and what they're talking about, 3) has the knowledge to fix this problem is downright impossible.  I have fought this for TWO YEARS and am not the only one.


As partial proof of what is going on, here's a FEW screenshots of the error messages that pops up when I set up a new gateway (I've gone through about 6 in the past two months due to each being defective (most with SUPER noisy fans).  It outright states that the system thinks I have Pods.  I have never even inquired about Pods.


And don't even get me started about their flawed QoS they run on the internal Wi-Fi side that they will never admit to having and you have no way of turning off.  It has serious bugs, with the main one being it messes up Wi-Fi calling on our phones.


As much as I am happy with Comcast lately they just keep doing all this little stuff to tick me off and prompt me to go elsewhere.  When I get a silent gateway that works I'm pretty happy but then they keep doing this stuff that just makes me want to take my now $14/month and get my own router again.  Tired of the junk, tired of the excuses, tired of them thinking they know better.