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Connecting Google Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat to Xfinity internet

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Connecting Google Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat to Xfinity internet

Connecting Google Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat to Xfinity internet go to the Admin Tool and select Gateway/Firewall/IPv4 and set the firewall security level to Minimum Security (Low) then save. This procedure was obtained from Rashmeet on the Xfinity Support Chat. Previously, I had spent hours with Nest and Xfinity phone help without resolution. Thanks Rasheed


Partial Chat:

3:32:54 PM Rashmeet : 1. Connect a laptop, computer or mobile device to your home Internet network and open a web browser. Go the Gateway's Admin Tool at and log in with the following username and password:
   * Username: admin
   * Password: password
   * Note: You will be prompted to change your password the first time you access. Please change the password and, if required, log in to the Admin Tool with the new  password.
3:33:13 PM Rashmeet : 2.On the Admin Tool homepage, click Gateway.
3:33:21 PM Rashmeet : 3.Under Gateway, click Firewall.
3:33:24 PM STEVE : Already have the Admin window open
3:33:46 PM Rashmeet : Please follow the steps which I am sharing with you
3:33:49 PM Rashmeet : 4.From there, you can choose IPv4 or IPv6.
3:35:18 PM Rashmeet : 5. After choosing either, you will see the following options:
     * Maximum Security (High), which will block most applications except web browsing, email, iTunes and VPN.
     * Typical Security (Medium), which allows access to most sites and services, but blocks all peer-to-peer applications.
     * Minimum Security (Low), which enables all secure apps. This is the default setting when you first use your Wireless Gateway.
     * Custom Security, which will allow you to block individual types of traffic, or disable your firewall entirely.
Please select the Minimum Security
3:35:28 PM Rashmeet : 6.Select the firewall setting you want.
3:35:36 PM Rashmeet : 7.Click Save Settings.
3:36:10 PM Rashmeet : Let me know once you complete these settings
3:36:15 PM STEVE : Done
3:37:30 PM Rashmeet : Perfect!! Please follow this step:
Unplug the power cable and coax cable from the modem and wall outlet, Plug it back again after 30 sec
3:37:35 PM Rashmeet : Let me know once done
3:38:14 PM STEVE : Nest App is working already without doing the power cycle!!!!
3:38:30 PM STEVE : Thank you!!!
3:39:12 PM Rashmeet : Wonderful!!\\