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Xfinity Stream Beta stopped working


Re: Xfinity Stream Beta stopped working

Yeah this issue with the Samsung app has been going on for weeks now and still no official response. Has anyone had any success in contacting Samsung about the issue?

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Re: Xfinity Stream Beta stopped working

This is a Comcast issue and their inability to integrate their app with the Samsung OS (Tizen). If you follow the updates of Comcast vs Samsung I suspect the most recent update was Comcast. If it was stable prior to the update, but not now then you have the evidence Comcast update is the issue
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Re: Xfinity Stream Beta stopped working

Wanted to share a solution that may not be everyones problem/solution. BUT I was using an Arris personally owned modem and swaped out for the XB7 (when they started data limiting customers... thats another subject).... but when I made the switch the activation process never activated my newly rented modem from xfinity.  They needed to manually activate (I suspect it was a stuck MAC address showing I wasnt on my local network).  In any case simple solution once I prompted the tech what appeared to be the issue.