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Xfinity Stream App on LG TV

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Xfinity Stream App on LG TV

I have an LG 65" Smart TV with Xfinity Stream since August 2020 and the app has worked fine; within the past few weeks I have had the following 2 problems appear:

  1. Every 60-90 minutes while wacthing any channel, the TV will randomly exit the channel back to the xfinity app menu
  2. Several times an hour I will get the circle with the 3 dots indicating which "pauses" the live stream for 2-3 seconds and then the stream continues.

I have the TV attached to my router via Ethernet to ensure a good connection. I have 5 other TVs in the house the use ROKU and the Xfinity Stream Beta app w/o any issues.


I think the problem may be related to an LG firmware upgrade to v5.00.02

Xfinity version 1.11.5, last updated 4/20/2020


Is anyone having a similar problem and if so, have the been able to permenantly fix it?


Thank you in advance

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Re: Xfinity Stream App on LG TV

I am having the exact same problem, and as stated I have 3 other TVs in my home, 1 with firestick and the other 2 with Roku and none are having this issue. I think it’s LG specific as well. Any help with this?