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Streaming channel mix

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Streaming channel mix

OK new guy here. Have the internet box (for 2 years) and now switched to tv streaming thru the same box. Got my 210 channel load last Friday. Many and I mean many channels are duplicated or in some cases in triplicate. Some or all work and in some cases like Create some do not work. Chatted with the trouble folks but they say that I need a tv box! Of course no one told me that when I signed up.

So, is this standard operating procedure or what is the real issue. If I understood the gal correctly this the way it works when streaming thru their internet box. Seems very confusing to me and especially when you are searching for a channel and have to go thru what seems to be 3-400+ plus selections.

Can someone explain to this to me.

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Re: Streaming channel mix

@vtwhead Hey there new guy! Thanks for the post. Sorry to learn about the trouble with the cable and streaming it. Cable boxes are normally required in order to enjoy the full X1 experience. We would like to review the account and see what we can do here for you. Please select my profile and click on "Send a Message." We'll be here to help. 

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