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NHK World channels broken on stream app

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NHK World channels broken on stream app

Hello, I posted this in another section of the xfinity Community Forum. No one from xfinity responded so I am trying again on the Stream App forum section. Here is my original post:


Basically, NHK World has not worked on either of my 2 TV's running the stream app for over a month now. I would appreciate some attention to this. I pay xfinity for this service and am not getting any support or the channels I am paying for.


One TV is an LG and the other a Samsung. The NHK channels don't work on either but in slightly diffferent ways. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the app on both TV's without luck.


I think this is could be a problem on xfinity's side as it happened a few times in the past couple of years but the channels would begin working again without anything being done by me. 


Could someone from xfinity please address this?