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xfinity mobile LTE not working for IP calls

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xfinity mobile LTE not working for IP calls

Hi there 🙂


Xfinity mobile charges internet calls as international cell calls and charges outrageous  amounts.

calling trough Viber, faceTime, faceBook messenger and ..... are charged as international cell Calls.


Calls like these are supposed to be IP calls that uses Wifi if not available then LTE, so, why jump the Wifi and LTE and charge it as Cell calls.


When you call them it takes for ever to get to talk to someone, who waste lots of your time repeating the same answers like a robot, finally transfering you to a superviser who does the same thing, the only diefrence it's hard to understand  the representaive and the superviser is in the USA if you know what I mean.


I wonder why they offer $ 170 to refer a friend to Xfinity Mobile.


It's a disaster, no one in a normal state of mind would use XfinityMoble as a provider.

Stay away from them.