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xfinity Mobile - $250.00 Rebate - Not Received

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xfinity Mobile - $250.00 Rebate - Not Received

Good morning,


In late October 2020 I upgraded two iPhone 7 Plus's to one iPhone 11 and one iPhone 12. Both new phones carried a $250.00 rebate. I received one of the rebates in mid December. The second rebate has not been issued.


Through the xfinity Rewards Centers I have attempted to call a number of times. So far no success with my calls even being answered. I've also attempted to request a call back on a number of occassions. So far no call back. Lastly I sent a message using the fowm on the Rewards web page. No responce from that either.


I'm hoping by reaching out in the forum that I will receive assistance from xfinity.



Jim Hawkins