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iPhone SE back orders and promotion

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iPhone SE back orders and promotion



I am considering moving myself and my family over to Xfinity Mobile. I am trying to get the $200 iPhone SE promotion, but am unsure if the backorder dates will affect this. As the terms are currently written, I would have 30 days from purchase date to activate my number on the new phone in order to take advantage of the promotion. 


The problem I am facing is that the backorder dates have continued to move further and further back. If the phone is purchased before the promotion date ends (5/17/20), will the 30 days be waived and the promotion still be honored even if the phone cannot be activated within those 30 days? 



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Re: iPhone SE back orders and promotion

I have the same question, I've been waiting for them to go off backorder but it doesn't look like that's going to happen in time...