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Xfinity Mobile

 I recently signed up for Xfinity Mobile, how is this service? Seriously


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I've been with XM for about 2½ years. So far I've found no reason to leave.

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Re: Xfinity Mobile

excellent, i switched over from verizon.

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Re: Xfinity Mobile

Service is excellet, I/we switched from Google Fi which used T-Mobile which was not good enough here, we had switched from VZW. Bought 2 phones from XM and got 1 gift card which we applied to cost of phones.


Always have enabled Intl when we are awayWe have traveled 2x with Xfinitiy Mobile and our net cost was somewhat over 1.00 for the cost of each trip. Always enble Intl data which we try no to use by having phones in Airplane mode with wireless on.


otherwise its cost depends on how much data you use.

- Bill