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Xfinity Mobile

I am considering using the service but have some questions:

  •  The cost we have been quoted is $45/month for unlimmited data, but are there other charges and if so, what are they? My current ATT bill includes a data plan charge of about $40/month and then there is a group access charge for 3 devices that runs about another $45/month. Any additional context regarding the xfinity plan would be helpful.
  •  I spend 2 hours/day on the NJ transit train along the NE corridor on which I need steady internet access for my Surface laptop/tablet. ATT sold me a mobile hotspot device that I can carry with  me for uninterrupted wifi access for the duration of the trip and whenever else I need wifi throughout the day. I spoke with xfinity customer service and there is no such device for their network. Does any one know of a work-around?



Re: Xfinity Mobile

I stay on the 1 GB plan that I share with my wife (and we almost never exceed that limit). In addition to the stated $12, I end up paying $4.87 in unavoidable taxes (911, communication service, Universal Connectivity Charge) but no additional charges for access or anythin related to the number of lines in use. I don't know whether the taxes are a percentage or flat fees, but they're probably the same as AT&T. In other words, no extra charges other than the tax man. Oh, and I paid 6 cents for a call to Canada.

I don't know about any workarounds for your Surface. The closest I've ever tried is using my Galaxy S9 connected via DeX to an HDMI input of a monitor (i.e., no additional device involved), but I don' tthink that's what you're after.