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Xfinity Mobile is terribly slow!!

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Xfinity Mobile is terribly slow!!

Everywhere I go Xfinity Mobile is slow unless connected to WiFi. I bought a new iPhone 11 when I signed up. Why is it so bad? I get around .45 Mbps with 169ms latency. <br>I can be sitting next to my lady who has Verizon prepaid and her 8 year old android dual core dinosaur out paces my iPhone 11 when it comes to data speeds. This is unacceptable. I’ve been with Xfinity Mobile 4 months and hate it. But I still have over $600 to pay on this iPhone. I need out of this so I can switch carriers. I would rather get a $40 Android from AT&T prepay
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Re: Xfinity Mobile is terribly slow!!

I was surprised to find in my area, the xfinity mobile LTE speed was 120/40 Mbps (tested with speedtest app in iphone 8). I didn't believe it, so went back to the same location and tested again after 2 days. It was still the same. (This info is more of FYI).