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Xfinity Mobile changes

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Xfinity Mobile changes

So I purchased a iPad from Xfinity the first day they were launched in 2019. The store rep told me if I keep the iPad on wifi and use the by the gig plan, I wouldn't have to pay the $12/month for the gig as long as I stayed under 100mb. There was also a discrepancy with them not explaining I would have a $10 line access fee. After some back and forth, I accepted it and was paying $32/month for the iPad Pro 11. From August to February by bill was only $32/month. Now my bill has increased $12. Come to find out the free 100mb (which I had no idea about) was no longer available and now I HAVE to pay a minimum of $12/month for data. If you look at my data usage, its 0MB every month, I do not take it out of my house, and the data is turned off. I use it at home on wifi. Now I am forced to pay for data. I feel like since my terms were changed, I should have the ability to opt out and return the iPad. I was told 1 thing and midway through they just change it. Not only that, but I paid off my iPhone 8 Plus and decided to get a new phone. The store rep convinced me to port my number out and back to get the iPhone 11 Pro Max promo they were running for $250 off the phone, making my bill $35/month, which was $2 more than what I was paying for the 8. I did what I was told, only to be told iI'm not eligible for the promo. They acknowledged I didnt do anything wrong, but the system is not recognizing the port out/in of my number. The only solution was to offer me a 1 time $250 credit. Thats a short term solution but my bill has now increased $24 dollars in a matter of 2 weeks. I feel that Xfinity should've given customers the opportunity to opt out of the new plan, since I am locked into a 2 year contract for the iPad and im being forced to pay more. Also, I feel Xfinity needs to be more accountable for their sales people and the misleading sales tactics. 


Re: Xfinity Mobile changes

The Customer Agreement allows for changes, and customers were given advance notice. 


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