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Wrong Name On Caller ID

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Wrong Name On Caller ID

I have tried calling a few times about this and every time nothing has happened. A few years ago I ported my number off a family account to my own account at Xfinity Mobile. Since then when I call people who do not have my contact info is not stored my family member's name comes up on their caller id and not mine.


This is really frustrating as I use my cell now for business (alot with COVID now) and having the wrong name on the caller id is becoming a serious issue. 


Can someone please help me with this... I dont know what else to do aside from close my account and open a whole new one with a new number with another carrier, which I really do not want to do but will if I have to.

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Re: Wrong Name On Caller ID

From an earlier post:


Your new number was most likely someone's landline number that was in a CNAM database which may or may not have been used mostly by landline carriers for their incoming caller ID programs. These databases may eventually be updated, but don't hold your breath. 

  • The Caller ID number is controlled by the calling party making the phone call. It’s a fixed billing number it never fails.
  • The Caller ID name (CNAM) is controlled by the answering party's carrier database. It’s a database lookup not tied to or owned by the sender! Argh!

Google "Fix Caller ID Name" to learn more, and some possible fixes, but it will probably cost you.