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Wrong IMEI on account prevents SIM swap, Customers Service can not solve the problem for 8 days

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Wrong IMEI on account prevents SIM swap, Customers Service can not solve the problem for 8 days

8 days ago, on 09/11/2019, my XM mobile smartphone suddenly lost connectivity with the network. The error message was "Insert SIM card into the phone". I restarted the phone multiple times but it did not help. I assumed that SIM card may be damaged (it happens with SIMs) and contacted XM Customer Services to activate new SIM (I have spare one, got it from Comcast Office in my town). After one hour of chat conversation CS representative told me that IMEI on my account is not the same that on my phone and he can do nothing. He suggested to walk in into Comcast office (I have one nearby in Newton, MA) to fix the issue with IMEI.
I visited Comcast office in my town, but Comcast employee in the office told me that he can do nothing and suggested to call XM Customer Services.

The call to XM Customer Services took 1h 20 mins , I was told that that the problem fixed (the phone started to work) but next day the phone lost connectivity again. When I logged in into my account I saw wrong IME again .

I contacted again (by chat) XM customer service on 09/13/2019 and I was told that I need to wait "a bit more".
I contacted again (by chat) XM customer service on 09/16/2019 and at the same time spoke with CS representative (probably, Tier 2 representative) and they promised me that the problem will be fixed until end of the day, September 17.
Last time I contacted Customer Service today, September 19 and I was told again to wait 24-48 hours.

My Tier 2 case id: 190911303510
As of now (09/19/2019 6:20 PM EST) the problem is not fixed. My phone is loosing connection to the network all the time (either directly because of wrong IMEI or because of damaged SIM, but I can not activate new SIM before fixing IMEI on my account because XM backend refuses to activate SIM with incorrect IMEI on corresponding phone/account. It is the limitation of CDMA network).
I think this situation is unacceptable and must be fixed ASAP. I can not use XM service and, considering this phone is linked to online banking services I have real issue here.
If your XM Customer Service and/or Advanced Support teams can not fix relatively simple issue (small database update), the I think XM needs to send me another phone..
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Re: Wrong IMEI on account prevents SIM swap, Customers Service can not solve the problem for 8 days

each sim card is attached to the phone it came in. If the extra sim is inactive then XM can activate it with the phone you want and inactivate the other sim. It is more easily done if the phones came from XM. I was lucky to find a customer service person that was able but more importantly WILLING to take the time involved. The sim has long number on it that they can match up with the IMEI and match it all up on your account so your phone works and the right phone is shown on your account. 

I had an inactive X Charge left from an upgrade to a iphone 7, my wife hated the iphone and wanted her X Charge back. XM no longer sold the X Charge   and the first cs person said nope, nada, no way. New phone, new line, new number. I called again explained my problem and she said she would call me back the next day, and she did. She worked her magic and my wifes LG X Charge  now shows on my account as a LG K30 BYOD, same phone number and everything works. Do I care if it's not showing as an X Charge, nope. Since the beginning XM has been very good to me.