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Where's the loyalty?

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Where's the loyalty?

I am ready to update to an iPhone 11, but there are no "deals" to be had unless I am bringing in a number from another carrier. I have been with Xfinity since its inception, but the company is showing no loyalty to us oldsters.


So If I am just in the market for a new phone I will need to pay almost $300 more than some Johnny come lately to the brand. That stinks!


Re: Where's the loyalty?

I agree, there are no good deals for current customers. The only thing I can say is, activate a phone number with like T-Mobile on the $15 plan and port that number over. A friend of mine some that with Google Voice a couple of years ago. It only cost him $4.95 or $5 to unlock the phone number from Google. But even then we shouldn’t have to do that. It’s like with almost any company now, current customers are not who they vocus on anymore, unfortunately.