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Voicemail unavailable - Could not authorize access

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Voicemail unavailable - Could not authorize access

My voicemail stopped working and I am unable to set it up. My problem started while I was in France roaming. After setting it up it worked fine for 7 or 8 days ($156 in charges) but stopped working all of a sudden. I got a “no service” status. I called Xfinity over WiFi calling and was told that they were unable to check my phone because I had changed the SIM card. I informed them that I never changed the SIM card. Upon returning to the states everything seemed to work fine until I tried to check voicemail and was prompted to set it up. That’s when I received the error Voicemail unavailable - Could not authorize access.
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Re: Voicemail unavailable - Could not authorize access

Hello Mszekely,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us through the forum. Pardon my delayed response to your inquiry. I gather that you were attempting to use the Xfinity Voicemail Application on your device and when attempting to access the app, it provided you with the error message that it could not authorize.

This stems from your device not being synced with your local time zone (this makes sense since you were traveling) of which the application depends upon. On your device, try the following steps;

1) Tap Settings
2) Tap General management/Systems
3) Tap Date and time. From there, you will need to select/enable Automatic date and time.
4) If that is selected/enabled, please toggle to the off position and then switch back to on.


If you are still unable to access the application, try the following;


1) Tap Settings
2) Tap Apps
3) Scroll down and tap on Voicemail
4) Tap on Storage
5) Tap on Clear data and hit yes on the pop-up message.
6) Reopen voicemail app.

This should allow the authorization/authentication error to clear and provide you access to the app. These instructions will NOT work for newer android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy 10 series including Note 10’s, Samsung Galaxy A50, LG ThinQ G8, LG Stylo 5, Moto G7 Power, Moto e6, Google Pixel (all models and generations).

All these devices/manufacturers have moved into providing their own voicemail application and service.

Some of the native applications to these new devices do not offer voicemail transcription like the Xfinity voicemail app does. If you are needing your voicemails to be transcribed and you own one of the above-mentioned models, a 3rd party voicemail application (which we do not provide support for) would be your next best alternative.  

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