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Visual voicemail

So, Xfinity, are you ever going to fix the face that Visual voicemail doesn't work at all on your very expensive, too of the line, flagship Android phone? I've seen several posts in which you blame Samsung, both for your app not working, and for their all not being able to transcribe your voice messages. However, Samsung phones do not have this problem with any other carrier, do they?

So, should we assume that Xfinity visual voicemail is simply a lie, you have no intention of fixing the problem (or even acknowledge that it IS an Xfinity problem), or providing any customer service whatsoever aside from explaining to us it doesn't work and pretending it's not Xfinity's fault or responsibility? I mean, I've seen many Xfinity employees chime in on these threads...not one has even vaguely suggested that Xfinity is working on the problem..Very telling.

Just completely non-existent Xfinity customer service as usual, it appears.