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Unlocking , Help please

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Unlocking , Help please

Hello fellow community and staffs, I will be going in and out of the country soon, so would be really helpful if my phone gets unlocked, I asked a rep before and they told me I met every requirement for the unlocking policy besides the


"You must have completed and paid for at least one full billing cycle of Xfinity Mobile service following the purchase of a device."


Now I have completed the first cycle and did a one-time payment before the auto-pay date... I requested an unlock but was told I need to be in service for 50 days+ ??? where in the criteria does it say that... I reread it a few times because I thought I missed something but I did not. Is this a hidden requirement / Criteria that I didn't know about? I will be going out of the country soon and I need some help if anyone been through this process let me know.