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Texting videos

Does anyone else have issues with sending videos to non Xfinity the video they receive from you is all blurry? I never used to have this problem but now every video I send is barely viewable on their end. I have reset to factory settings and used both galaxy & Google messenger. I have a S9+. From all of the research I have done, it seems like the only way to work around my video quality decreasing during transfer is to create links (which i don't want to do). Just don't understand why all of a sudden I have run into this problem. Hoping to get feedback from anyone with similar experience.
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Re: Texting videos

The answer is very simple. Do not send videos with MMS as Xfinity has a 600kb size limit and therefore either Xfinity or the receiving carrier may either reduce the resolution or attempt to compress the video. 

Instead send videos using email or an advanced messaging platform such as iMessage, RCS, or other platform.