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So Infuriating

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So Infuriating

I'm at witts end with Xfinity mobile and I just started service,not off to a good start. First it took 3 and half days to get my number ported in from Tmobile and now after a week of service I decided that I wanted a little bigger phone so decided to switch out under the 14 day policy. Went to the store to be told the system won't allow a exchange because for some reason the computer says I have no active service and my line is disconnected. Picked up my phone and made a call and told him hows that possible when I can make and receive calls and text?! This is ludicrous. I then tell him well if your not going to honor the 14 day exchange then I wanted to cancel, nope can't do that either as the computer says I've already canceled and don't have active service. He called tier 3 tech support with no ETA on when this will resolve and if it goes past my 14 days oh well I'm stuck with the phone and service and there's nothing they can do even though it's not my fault and I tried to come in before the 14 days. Really, really unfair and sneaky
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Re: So Infuriating

Hello Dragonborn,


Thank you for taking the time to post on the Xfinity Forum, and my sincerest apology for the inconvenience you’ve encountered.  It’ll be my pleasure to investigate this further.


You mention that Tier 3 was contacted while you were in the store.  It’s likely that this is being addressed already.  Regardless, I’ll take another look and provide you an update to the matter.


At your convenience, get in touch with me through private message.  You can do so by clicking on my name ComcastChrisL which will take you to my profile page.  From there you will see a blue ‘send message’ button.


In your private message please include your first and last name, the full service address, the mobile number, and the last 4 digits of the stored payment method on file.  After I authenticate the account, I’ll do the research and reach back out to you.


Thanks again for your continued time, patience, and support.




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