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Samsung S10e price drop?


Samsung S10e price drop?

Since the new S20 is launching next month, most everyone else has dropped the price on the S10 models. I'm interested in picking up an S10e for my teenager, and the new lower price of $549 seems reasonable. Xfinity still has it listing at the old $749 price though. Any idea when it might change?


I might make more sense to wait until after the new launches in February but I'm not sure they will drop the S10 all that much beyond the current price drop anyway. 

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Re: Samsung S10e price drop?

Hi JG5881, thank you for bringing this topic up. I can certainly confirm when new device launches there are always price drops to follow. We do not have any information on when or if this will happen. The information is generally not provided to us until the day of the drop. You can keep checking the website and at times there may be an email sent out regarding the drop, and new device line up. I know this is not the best answer, please let me know if you have any other questions.

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